Multilink Solution

Your connection to the Internet connection is part of your business’s backbone. Secure that backbone’s reliability, and make sure your critical applications are constantly available, with TekSavvy’s Multilink Solution. Multilink combines multiple Internet connections into a single, resilient, and easily-managed connection to provide you with network access that is cost-effective, fast, and reliable.

Multilink is a seamless-failover service that protects your business against network failures and slowdowns. The service works by setting up an encrypted tunnel over multiple links and monitoring each one of them, letting it dynamically avoid pitfalls like packet loss, high latency, and jitter. This ensures critical applications are safe-guarded against a link outage on one platform or another, and prioritized for best network experience.

Multilink is built around four key features: bandwidth aggregation, seamless failover, Quality of Service (QoS), and encryption:

•        Bandwidth aggregation (bonding) combines the bandwidth from multiple connections, turning them into a single connection that delivers faster download and upload speeds. The more connections, the more bandwidth you get: it really is the sum of its parts.

•        Seamless failover, implemented as “same-IP failover” ensures that even when one of the links you’ve bonded fails, service continues and the Internet Protocol address the service uses doesn’t change. If your business can’t afford any downtime, same-IP failover is crucial.

•        Quality of Service (QoS) is a set of features that lets you configure your service, and the way it uses its multiple links, so as to prioritize crystal-clear voice when you’re on the phone or using real-time applications.

•        Encryption lets you make sure, and helps you show your clients and customers, that you’re keeping your, and their data safe. If you are sending sensitive information from one site to another, for instance, the system will encrypt that traffic as it leaves your site, and decrypt it when it arrives at its destination. Your customers expect you to treat their information carefully: this helps you show that you do.

Five reasons to consider a Multilink Solution from TekSavvy

  1. Avoid downtime: mix and match network connections of different types so that you’re not dependent on a single link, or even a single platform.
  2. Increase speed: combine an unlimited number of connections to give your business a boost in speed and reliability.
  3. Deploys in days, not months: Multilink solutions can be configured and installed in less than 10 business days, helping your current network limitations go away, right away.
  4. Save money: High uptime business connectivity can get expensive. A Multilink solution can save you money over alternative solutions like MPLS or fibre.
  5. One provider, multiple services: TekSavvy can layer-in firewalling, routing, and Wi-Fi without you having to source or manage multiple vendors.

Prices and Packages

Depending on your business needs, we can combine different features of the technology to create you a personalized package. Prices depend on the features you want and on the type and number of connections you require.

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