TekSavvy: IPv6

IPV6 at TekSavvy - The IPV6 Beta ProgramWhen the internet first began the visionaries that invented it never envisioned that our world would be so connected that we could exaust the pool of over 4 billion possible IPv4 internet addresses. IPv6 is the next step in safeguarding that we have enough IP addresses to provide for all of our internet connected devices. IPv6 ensures that our global community could connect 340 undecillion (340 trillion, trillion, trillion) devices to the internet before we ran out of space.

Every device we connect to the internet requires an IP address; a machine friendly number that allows our devices to communicate with the internet and exchange the data that we have become so used to consuming every day. Teksavvy is proud to proclaim that we are prepared for IPv6, and we welcome you to join us in our IPv6 on DSL Beta program.

To express your interest in being a beta program tester email us at ipv6@teksavvy.com. One of our brilliant network engineers will be happy to add you to the program.

At TekSavvy, we’re ready for the IPV6 future. Because we are, you are too.